How can culture and values affect socialization.

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Socialization is the process through which our society teaches us about its values.  It is the process through which we learn what our society thinks is right and what it thinks is wrong.  Therefore, the specific nature of how we are socialized is determined by our culture and its values.

For the most part, our culture and our values do not affect how our socialization is done.  Socialization in all modern cultures is done through a mix of things like family, peers, school, media and religion.  Some cultures might have slightly different people doing the socialization.  For example, in some cultures perhaps women will be much more involved in socializing girls than men are.  However, the basic process of socialization is still the same.

What is different is the content of the socialization.  Each culture is trying to pass its own values on to the next generation.  Therefore, each culture socializes its young differently.  For example, American society will socialize its young people to believe in individualism whereas Japanese society will put more of an emphasis on getting along with the group.

Thus, the general process of socialization is largely the same regardless of culture, but the content of the socialization is affected by culture and values.

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