Describe the culture of the late 1960s and 1970s.

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The late 'Sixties and early 'Seventies were a time of great social change. While there was still a conservative majority to be found among older Americans--Richard Nixon won the 1968 Presidential election over the liberal Hubert Humphrey, with ultra-conservative independent candidate George Wallace garnering millions of votes as well--the younger generation was beginning to make itself felt. Rock and roll had already become the most popular musical form, and the hippie subculture was still growing. The Vietnam War, always unpopular among younger Americans who faced the prospect of being drafted and fighting in a war in which they did not believe, was even drawing dissenters from among the elder generations. The peace sign was flashed by both young and old, and the drug culture continued to grow. In the 1972 Presidential elections, liberal Democrat George McGovern was popular with the youth, but he was still no match for Nixon, who was reelected. Nixon's political shenanigans eventually proved to be his undoing, and the Watergate scandal changed the way people viewed the President forever after. American troops eventually returned home, but many Americans viewed Nixon's "peace with honor" as a hollow message, especially when the Viet Cong defeated the South Vietnamese--the allies America had deserted.

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