In Frankenstein, describe the creature's feelings towards Victor when he first came to life.How do they differ from victor's first reaction to his creation?

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sullymonster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When the monster awakens, Victor runs from the room in abhorrence.  He is ashamed at what he has done in creating this creature and terrified of the implications of the creation.  So, he does the really mature thing (sarcasm there), and runs away, completely ignoring the problem.

The monster, however, does not have the ability to process his feelings towards Victor when he first awakens.  He only knows sensation, like a baby, and does not have specific feelings towards any one person.  He says this of his first few days:

It is with considerable difficulty that I remember the original era of my being: all the events of that period appear confused and indistinct. A strange multiplicity of sensations seized me, and I saw, felt, heard, and smelt, at the same time; and it was, indeed, a long time before I learned to distinguish between the operations of my various senses.

Only after spending time observing the family in the woods is the monster able to process emotion and to evaluate Victor, Victor's actions, and his own feelings about them.  The monster is angry at being abandoned and at being put into exile on account of his creation.  However, he is willing to put those feelings aside if Victor will just provide him with a companion. 

amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

We also know from the description of the creature's first encounter with Victor that he was an amiable creature.  Victor himself says that the creature pulled back the bed curtains and smiled at him in a way that on anyone else's face would have been friendly, but on the creature's face was grotesque and hideous.  It is at this moment that Victor runs from the apartment in Ingolstat and roams the city all night hoping that the "mistake" would go away on its own.

The creature explains in chapters 11-13 that he was looking on his "father" with love and innocence in his heart.  That he felt scared and cold, so he took Victor's cloak and left the apartment in search of his creator.  From that point on, the creature's life was one of rejection, hard knocks, and tough lessons.  It is through these experiences that the creature is vengeful and angry at Victor.

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