Never Let Me Go Questions and Answers
by Kazuo Ishiguro

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Describe the cottages and the life the clones lead.

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The Cottages are on an old farm and they're often cold and in disrepair. The clones have unrestricted television time and are allowed to take short trips.

The center of the Cottages is a farmhouse with fireplaces. The clones used logs to occasionally heat the house; at other times, they'd use heaters. Unfortunately, they aren't given enough gas canisters to use them at will. The people there are often cold. The gutters leaked and many things were falling apart. Kathy says that they tracked mud through the house by leaving their boots on to combat the cold. 

The clones live in converted barns, stables, and outhouses. There are other buildings on the property that are falling apart. In the summer, Kathy says it's cozy with the overgrown grass. In the winter, the ground is hard with frozen puddles.

The clones already living at the Cottages have a set schedule for chores and upkeep that Kathy and the others are included in once they arrive. Other than that, they walk the grounds, visit the village, read books, and watch television. 

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