Describe and correct the error, given the functions f(x)=3x-5.  So is this correct f(5)=3(5)-5 5f=15-5  5f=10 f=2  

llltkl | Student

The word function is derived from a Latin word meaning operation.

Thus, by a given function f(x), a set of mathematical operation/s is meant. It should not be deciphered as a mere multiplication of f and x.

Given function in the problem here, is f(x)=3x-5.

That means, in order to get f(data) we have to do the operation:  (3*data - 5).

Thus f(5) = 3*5 - 5 = 15 - 5 = 10.

Therefore, the solution of f(x) at x =5 yields f(5) = 10.