Organizational Leadership and Change Questions and Answers

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Describe what leads up to an organizational change.

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In order for us to make a change in an organization we have to consider two factors: the environment and the goal.

Hence, the factors that lead up to organizational change are influential enough to make the change occur. Now, this change is not small in order to be considered under this context. When one speaks of organizational change one is talking about major shifts in the mission, vision, or goal of the organization. For these changes to take place the following scenarios are often what makes it happen:

  • budget cuts
  • changing trends
  • change in demographics
  • change in goal
  • change in vision
  • lack of resources/or surplus

All these and some more are unequivocally cause for any organization to shift and re-visit what their purpose or mission is, and do their best to persist (and not succumb) to change.

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