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Describe the consequences of 'warrants e.g. PACE Act 1984'? IMPORTANT NOTE - Relate it to a student working with IT within a High School.

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The Pace Act of 1984 or the Police and Criminal Evidence Act is legislation that was passed in the United Kingdom. It relates to the laws of search and seizure. The Act spells out behavior that the UK constable can perform in the furtherance of his duties.

Essentially the constable can search for contraband upon receiving express or implied consent from the offender but can not search a dwelling without a search warrant. He can search any person or vehicle and can search anything found within the vehicle.

He must have reasonable grounds to search.

This Act is relevant to those of majority age, depending on the age of the high school student, this may or may not be applicable. Minors do not enjoy the rights afforded to adults.

An interesting note is that the Act has similar rules as U.S. search and seizure law, but some facets are very much different.

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