Describe Connie's relationship with her mother, father, and sister.

Expert Answers
sagetrieb eNotes educator| Certified Educator

`The opening sentences tell us much about her relationship to her mother and to her sister. Her mother is no longer pretty, and therefore criticizes her daughter about everything. "Stop gawking at yourself," she tells her. "You think you're so pretty?"  As for her father, he "was away at work most of the time and when he came home he wanted supper and he read the newspaper at supper and after supper he went to bed."  He doesn't talk much to her or the rest of the family either. June was "plain and steady," the good girl who does things right and therefore the yardstick against which Connie is measured.  For all of these reasons, Connie finds meaning in the music around her, which almost becomes her religion, and in this vulnerable state she becomes easy prey for the likes of Arnold Friend.

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