Describe the conflicts between the colonists and the Indians in New England.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There were various causes of conflict between settlers and Indians over the years.  We will look at two examples here to examine different causes.

The first example is the Pequot War of the 1630s.  This conflict happened early on before there were that many colonists in the area.  At that point, the conflict was over trade.  Various Indian tribes were competing over trade with the colonists and a fight between them came to involve the colonists.  Here, then, the basis of conflict was trade.

The second example is Metacomet's War, also known as King Phillip's War, in 1675.  By this time, there were many more settlers in the area.  Now, the conflict was over access to land and over the settlers' attempts to impose their ways on the Indians.  The Indians were feeling hemmed in by the settlers.  They had less access to land that had been theirs and they were upset by settlers' attempts to impose English religion and ways on them.  Here, then, the basis of conflict was both land-related and cultural, both conflicts growing out of the increased white population of New England.