Describe a conflict in The House on Mango Street, include a description of it, the type of conflict, who it invovled, and its resolution.  

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In the chapter titled "The First Job," Esperanza meets another man who works at the photo shop, and she gets into a conflict with him.  When it is time for lunch, Esperanza feels very nervous and scared to eat by herself in the lunchroom.  She is afraid of all the adults looking at her, so she chooses instead to eat in the bathroom.  An older Chinese man clocks in to work a later shift and tells Esperanza that she should eat lunch with him.  Esperanza trusts him because she thinks he has nice eyes.  He asks her for a birthday kiss, and when Esperanza attempts to kiss him innocently on the cheek, he grabs her face and forces her to kiss him on the mouth.  The chapter ends abruptly at this point; however, the reader assumes that Esperanza does not outwardly resist this treatment and that she internalizes the abuse.  Although this is an external conflict between Esperanza and her co-worker, the effects of the conflict are internal for Esperanza.  So, the problem is resolved only by its being a source that hardens Esperanza's character.

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