Describe the condition of the dogs and men as they arrived in Skagway.

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Upon their arrival in Skaguay, the men and the dogs are very tired and worn down. Buck has lost nearly 25 pounds, and the other dogs had lost weight as well. Pike injured his leg terribly, and Dub has an injured shoulder. The entire group was suffering extreme fatigue.

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They were very lethargic after the long snow hike to Skagway and they had exhausted their energy in the process of doing so. They were suffering from tiredness and fatigue, and some of the sled dogs had also sustained cuts and bruises, adding to the injury toll. Dave, the sled dog, was getting too old and was terribly tired and fatigued and so during one of the arduous journey towards Skagway, he had fainted and collapsed onto the ground, and he was put to his misery by a gunshot at his body.