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Describe Comte's three stages of human history. Does Comte think it is possible for all three stage to exist together in the same place at the same time? Please offer an example of how someone at each of the three stages of human history would explain the phenomenon of war.

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Comte’s doctrine of social positivism, which he outlined in the Cours de philosophie positive (1830-42), asks: if we cannot acknowledge freedom of thought in either chemistry or biology, why should we acknowledge it in either ethics or politics? According to Comte each form of knowledge goes through three theoretical stages: the theological (fictitious), the metaphysical (abstract) and the scientific (positive). Each of these corresponds to three wisdom stages (fiction, abstraction, demonstration), which are in turn related to the three evolutionary ages of both individuals and humanity: childhood (ancient age), youth (middle age) and maturity (positive age).

Across this path, human wisdom gets rid of polytheism, fetishism and monotheism, which were pertaining to the first stage. It then gets to the second stage, where knowledge is rational, yet still lacking empirical verifications, to eventually reach the positive-scientific knowledge. Italian scholar Abbagnano provides a beautiful...

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