Describe the circumstances in which Oliver Twist first experiences love and affection.

Expert Answers

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Oliver first finds love and affection at Mr. Brownlow's house where they help him recuperate from his illness. Although, Oliver meets Mr. Brownlow under rather negative circumstances (he has been accused of trying to steal his wallet), Mr Brownlow takes the boy in.

 Fagin and the Artful Dodger show Oliver kindness but it is under the guise of trying to recruit him to pickpocket for Fagin.

Nancy and Betsy also show Oliver kindness, however, it is more in the form of pity as Nancy especially knows how dangerous Bill is and knows that the boy's working for Bill is not likely to come out well.

However, it is really at Mr. Brownlow's house that Oliver experiences affection and love from people who seemingly have no other motive. 

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