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Describe the exploratory or problem solving behavior of a typical child who is 8-18 months old using the theories of Piaget.

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According to Piaget, there are four stages of child development that are broken up by age. A typical 8-18 month old, according to Piaget, would fall into the first category, which is the sensory motor stage. This stage covers birth to 2 years old.

During this stage, behavior is considered "ego-centric," meaning babies in this stage are largely unaware of others, and behaviors are controlled by personal needs and wants. Generally speaking, this stage is characterized by exploration through the senses. Babies explore their environments and the objects within them, first through their ears and mouths, then through eyes and hands. It is important to note that there is a huge difference in cognition between 8 months and 18 months. A typical 8 month old more than recognizes the voices most familiar to him. He very likely also recognizes his own name, though he cannot verbalize it. By 18 months, he is imitating and verbalizing at least 10 words, but likely more. Likewise, a typical 8 month old...

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