Describe Charlotte's dream for the future in Chapter 1 of "Riding Freedom".Explain in short term please.

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter 1, Charlotte dream for the future is to one day have a ranch of her own.

Charlotte dreams of one day leaving the orphanage that she hates with her best friend Hayward and her favorite horse Freedom.  She wants "to have a fine ranch and a home...foals every spring and (Hayward) can come work for (her) and train 'em to be fine riding horses".  Hayward has some ideas to add to the dream as well.  He says, "we'll hire a cook...a real good one...and we'll put a sign our front that says PRIVATE PROPERTY so no one...mean...can ever set foot".

Charlotte actually has a plan that she will follow to make her dream come true.  She knows that she and Hayward have no choice but to stay at the orphanage until they are sixteen.  When she is released at that time, Charlotte plans to get a job and save some money.  When she has enough, she will come back for Hayward and the two of them will go looking for the ranch, a ranch that will be far away from this place where they have known nothing but sorrow and frustration (Chapter 1).

lorilynn41 | Student

she wanted to get away and make her own life.

amberific1976 | Student

In Riding Freedom, Charlotte is restricted from riding horses because she is a girl.  She escapes the orphonage and starts dressing like a boy so she can fulfill her dream of becoming a stagecoach driver, buying land, and building a ranch.

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