Something Wicked This Way Comes Questions and Answers
by Ray Bradbury

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Describe Charles Halloway and his relationship with his son.

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This question is asking you to characterize Charles Halloway, or describe the information the author has chosen to reveal about the character. It is interesting to note that Charles Halloway is the only adult protagonist in the novel. He is an older father, who struggles with aging. He even considers recapturing his youth with a ride on the carousel. However, it is quite evident throughout the story that his son, Will, looks up to him. Will and Jim come to him for protection and to confide in him about the evil carnival. Ultimately, Charles puts his fears and insecurities behind and faces Mr. Dark and the evils of the carnival to become the hero of the story. You will want to use quotes from the story to support your description of Charles Halloway. For example, to support the idea that Charles Halloway got over his insecurities about his age by the end of the novel, you could include his quote “Is Death important? No. Everything that happens before Death is what counts.”

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jlc40 | Student

Charles Holloway is an older father who frequently laments his older age and the distance that it creates between he and Will, his almost fourteen year old son. Charles works at the town library where he prefers to be lost in the texts of times past and fantasies. He constantly struggles with growing older and fondly reminisces about his lost youth and lost childhood. Meanwhile, his relationship with Will is often distant - particularly as presented in the beginning of the text. Will, on the other hand, is notably grateful for his father and in awe of what seems to be his father's wisdom and experience.

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