From "Raymond's Run," describe Squeaky's personality. Was Squeaky defensive, determined, or other traits?

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booboosmoosh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Squeaky is a determined young girl.  She is dedicate to running: it is her greatest joy.  She runs everywhere, even while taking care of her brother Raymond who has special needs.  She runs always with the idea that more running will make her a better runner, and she works hard at this.

Squeaky is defensive.  She is ready to fight if someone picks on her brother Raymond, whether it is a boy or girl, and has a quick, razor-like comeback if anyone gives Raymond or her a hard time.

Squeaky has a strong sense of self and has no problem speaking her mind.  One she puts her mind to doing something, she feels comfortable with who she is, what she chooses to do, and had confidence in explaining herself to others.

Squeaky is realistic.  When the girls all participate in the May Day dance, she knows that she is not cut out for the fancy dress, shoes and dancing.  Running is her gift and her joy.  She is focused on this and has no time for behavior that she considers frivolous.

Squeaky is supportive and generous.  When she realizes how well Raymond runs, she decides that she is going to do all she can to help him succeed.  After all, she has experienced the thrill of running and winning, but Raymond has little to make him feel special the way running makes Squeaky feel special.

Lastly, Squeaky can be forgiving.  Although Gretchen has been unkind to her, Squeaky offers an "olive branch"/a gesture of peace (a sign of truce) in the smile she gives Gretchen after the race, and Squeaky believes that together she and Gretchen can help coach Raymond to be a really good runner.

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Who are the complex characters in rymonds run? And how do you know there complex characters?