A Jury of Her Peers Questions and Answers
by Susan Glaspell

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Describe the characters in "A Jury of Her Peers".

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There are five characters who appear in the story: Sheriff Peters, and his wife; Lewis Hale, and his wife Martha; and Henderson, a county attorney. There are two further characters who are not actually present in the narrative. These two are John and Minnie Wright, neighbours of the Hales. Although they do not actually appear, they are at the very heart of the story. John’s murder is the central event and his wife has been apprehended as his apparent murderer. The four characters who are actually present in the narrative have the task of looking around the Wright house looking for clues as to the motive.

There is a clear-cut gender divide in this little group of people who assiduously search the Wright home. Sherriff Peters comes across as bluff and hearty, Lewis Hale more serious, and Henderson appears rather wry and sarcastic, but all three alike are dismissive of the women and their ability to materially assist in...

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