Describe the characteristics of Eveline and Frank in "Eveline."

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Eveline is clearly hardworking. She not only works full time at a local store, but she also looks after her father and does household chores. When her mother died, she was responsible for her two younger brothers, Harry and Ernest, and had to ensure that they went to school regularly and also had regular meals. She is also tired—for obvious reasons. Taking care of everything is an exhausting responsibility.

It is also evident that Eveline is respectful and dedicated. Although it is clear that she argues with her father about money, especially on Saturday nights, she seems to have given up; she hands over her entire wages. She also appears to have been bearing the brunt of Ms. Gavan's abuse at the store. Eveline's demeanor in these situations suggests she has a strong character. The fact that she has now decided to leave behind everything she has ever known accentuates this.

The story does not mention her having been involved in any relationships before the one with Frank. This implies...

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