Describe the characteristics of Eveline and Frank in "Eveline."

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Eveline has been left a lot of responsibility at so young an age. She made promises to her mother to look after her father and two small children. She also works outside the home. Both her boss and father boss her around, and her father is abusive and degrading. Frank tempts her to flee and run away with him because it would be an escape from her grim life. She is also very young and naive, so it weighs heavy on her conscience that she would be creating a scandal by running away, and also breaking her promise. Her naivety also shows in her being dazzled by Frank, who she barely knows. Her limited contact with men and dating causes her to be unaware of how risky such an action would be.

Frank comes across as a savior. He is more worldly, and obviously sees that Eveline would be easy to manipulate. The reader must decide if his intentions are sincere or not. He stuns her with his tales of life as a sailor, all the exotic areas he has visited, and his promises to give her a new and exciting life. His adventures lead Eveline to see him as sophisticated and charming, which is a direct contradiction to her father.


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