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Describe the character Unoka in Things Fall Apart and how his attitude influenced Okonkwo's life.

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The text describes Unoka as lazy and improvident and says that he lacked the ability to plan ahead. He was a prodigal and spent whatever money he (seldom) had on buying wine and having parties. He was always in debt and owed money to every one of his neighbors.

Physically, he was a tall, thin man with a slight stoop. We learn that he presented an unhealthy image and always looked sorrowful, except, of course, when he was drinking or playing his flute. Unoka was a skilled musician and loved playing in a band. He was at his happiest when he and his group were invited to play music in other villages, usually on market days.

Clearly, Unoka loved the good things in life and enjoyed nature. As a young boy he would sing at length to the kite when it returned after its sojourn in another clime. Because he loved all of this so much, he neglected what was important and this made him a failure as an adult. He was poor and could not provide for his family. He was laughed at because he was a loafer and...

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