Describe the character traits the treasure brought out in the dwarves in The Hobbit?  

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Dwarves are known to be susceptible to what Tolkien named "the bewilderment of the treasure" (248).  Basically, when the dwarves finally reclaim the treasure, they, and particularly Thorin, were overcome with treasure lust, making them much more fiercely protective and greedy.  The dwarves learn that Smaug is dead from the old Raven, and they immediately begin to plan on how they can best defend their holdings.  Again, Thorin is the most vocal about not sharing their holdings with the Laketown people or the elves.  He is so overcome with greed for his treasure and wanting to find the Arkenstone that he ignores logic and reason.  When confronted with demands to share Smaug's holdings, Thorin becomes snappy, distrustful, and greedy. 


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