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Describe the character and personality of Emilie's grandfather in War Horse

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Emilie and her grandfather are two characters who we meet firstly in Chapter 9, when they have the job of looking after Joey and Topthorn in their farm when they are used by the army during the day. Emilie and her gandfather are described as peaceful, quiet and loving individuals, so much so that Joey remembers this particular part of his life with great fondness because of the care and attention he received from Emilie and her grandfather. The grandfather is very much a gentle and quiet man who deeply loves his daughter and fulfils his obligations. When Emilie is ill, for example, he continues to look after the horses by himself, and he also shares the news that "All's well" when she gets better.

Her grandfather is also a man who is proud, strong and dignified, and this is shown when the soldiers return to the farm and insist on taking Joey and Topthorn with them to work their artillery. Emilie is distraught, but her grandfather urges her not to lose her composure, but to "be proud and strong like your brother was." In the face of the rather grim and unsympathetic soldiers, these words and her grandfather's example help Emilie to be able to give the horses a hug and to let them go. Emilie's grandfather therefore stands out as a genuine, caring and loving man who also is proud in a good way. 

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