The River Between Questions and Answers
by Ngugi wa Thiong'o

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describe the character of Nyumbura in "Th e River Between. give all th physical and inner qualities of Nyumbura

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Nyambura is a loving, dutiful daughter to her father, Joseph. She is also deeply conflicted. On the one hand, she wants to remain loyal to her father and the Christian religion he advocates with all the passionate zeal of the convert. At the same time, she follows her heart. She knows that her relationship with Waiyaki is regarded as immoral, yet she still carries on, violating both native tradition and the tenets of her faith. That said, Nyambura is no rebel, certainly not by comparison with her sister, Muthoni, who openly defies her father by going through with the old tradition of circumcision. Muthoni's apostasy leaves Nyambura isolated, caught between the rock of her love for Waiyaki and the hard place of her duties as a loving daughter.

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hagadera | Student

nyambura is avery loving and caring because we see her the way she pleaded for her sister when she told her decision about the this one is not enough she also loved seriously waiyaki up to an extent she declares her love infront of her father.we can say she also obedient because inspite of the strong love she had for waiyaki she declines his proposal for marriage because of the fear of her father she hides her feeling to wards waiyaki.and so on.

hagadera | Student

nyambura is hardworking,polite and so on