Describe the character Brutus in Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare.

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Marcus Brutus serves as the protagonist of the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare. He was a good friend of Caesar’s but a better friend of the Roman citizens. 

Brutus’s character takes all aspects of life seriously; in addition, his character adheres to a strict moral code. As a senator, he is a powerful public figure. 

When Brutus first appears in the play, Cassius sees Brutus outside of the arena and decides to try to convince Brutus to become a part of the plot to assassinate Caesar. 

As leader of the conspiracy, Cassius knows that Brutus will be an influential member.  The people love him and the senators respect him. It is doubtful that without Brutus the conspiracy would have taken place.

Brutus listens to everything that Cassius has to say about his loathing of Caesar and his attempts to flatter Brutus.  Flattery does not work with Brutus.  He will make his decision based on logic and reason and only after much cogitation and sleepless nights. 

The next time that Brutus...

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