Describe the challenges, heartbreaks, and pitfalls of life in colonial North America.  

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This question covers such an enormous amount of time, space, and diverse peoples that it is impossible to answer without generalizing in the extreme. So this answer must be understood in those terms. Even given this caveat, restricting the answer to the English colonies in North America only conveys a very limited range of experiences.

Initial colonization almost always involved a period of starvation and disease in almost every case, followed by hostility against Native peoples. People who came to the New World seeking instant wealth were initially disappointed, though colonies in every region of British North America quickly became profitable. But this profit came at the cost of scores of lives, largely people who, with the exception of New England settlers, mostly came to America against their will or as servants indentured to wealthier colonists. 

For Native Americans, the setbacks and pitfalls of colonial life...

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