Describe the challenges faced by the British and American military leaders in fighting the Revolutionary War.

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The British and American leaders during the Revolutionary War faced different sets of challenges that made for a difficult war to fight. British challenges often centered around the fact that they were fighting the war overseas, while American challenges often dealt with the fact that they were an upstart new nation without the resources and professionalism of the British.

For the British, fighting a war overseas in the eighteenth century was not an easy task. Major decisions or requests that needed to be proposed to the British government for approval would require great amounts of time as the information traveled over the Atlantic Ocean by boat in an era before the telegraph. Leadership in the British government in London were basically fighting the war, and receiving updates, on a weeks long delay. This led to issues in terms of supplies and reinforcement, as requests for such often took significant time to be approved, gathered, and shipped to the Americas.

Additionally, the British...

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