Describe Caliban's first meeting with Stefano and Trinculo. Please include quotations.

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Caliban meets Stephano and Trinculo in act 2, scene 2. He is fetching wood for Prospero, and while he carries the wood, he curses Prospero. He wishes for all of "the infections that the sun sucks up" to fall upon Prospero's head. Caliban also describes the torments that Prospero inflicts upon him. He says that Prospero sets evil spirits upon him, which "mow and chatter" at him "like apes" and "bite" him "like hedgehogs."

While Caliban is cursing Prospero, Trinculo enters the scene. At first, Caliban assumes that Trinculo is an evil spirit, sent by Prospero to torment him for "bringing wood in slowly." Caliban drops to the ground, hoping that Trinculo will not see him. Trinculo stumbles upon Caliban but at first cannot...

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