Describe Caesar's triumphal progress in Julius Caesar.

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There is little description of the actual procession. In the first scene, of course, the commoners are on their way to witness it, and in the second scene, it plays out while Cassius and Brutus are conversing. At the beginning, of course, the Soothsayer bids Caesar to "beware the Ides of March," but shortly thereafter, the scene shifts to Cassius and Brutus, with the noise of the procession in the background. We do learn of the most important event in the ceremony from Casca's account of it to Brutus. Antony, after participating in the ceremonial races, offers Caesar a crown three times. The crowd roars each time that he refuses, and by the third time, Casca says, their "stinking breath" causes Caesar to collapse to the ground in what Brutus surmises must have been an epileptic seizure. Casca also says that two nobles have been put to death for removing sashes from statues of Caesar around town. 

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