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Bud's mother, Angela Janet Caldwell, was a loving, caring individual who taught Bud important values that he carries throughout his life. Bud mentions on numerous occasions that his mother read to him before he went to sleep, and that she took him to the library when she was still alive. This tells the reader that Bud's mother valued literature and had an affinity for reading and learning. Bud feels very strongly about his mother and thinks about her continually throughout the novel. Bud's mother loved and cared for him deeply, which is reflected in the way Bud cherishes her memory. Later on in the novel, the reader learns that Herman E. Calloway, Angela's father, was very hard on his daughter. Angela couldn't deal with her father's overbearing nature and ran off with the drummer in his band to Flint, Michigan. Angela was a strong willed individual for having the courage to stand up to her father and leave home. Despite her audacity, she seemed to be depressed about leaving her family. The fact that Angela held onto the rocks that her father gave her, and collected flyers of Herman's performances, suggests that she missed him. Bud also says that his mother was a pretty woman, and judging by her bedroom, Angela was obsessed with horses as a child.

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