Describe Bud's first time eating at a restaurant. 

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In Chapter 14, Bud dines with Herman Calloway and his band at the Sweet Pea. As soon as Bud enters the restaurant, he takes a big "snort of air" and says "This must be exactly how heaven smells!" (Curtis 162). Bud had never dined out before, and he mentions that the Sweet Pea must be the best restaurant in the world. Jimmy introduces Bud to Miss Thomas, who treats him kindly, and fortunately for Bud, Herman decides to switch tables with Steady Eddie. Miss Thomas orders Bud meatloaf, okra, and mashed potatoes, and Bud is shocked to find out that Jimmy and Eddie could order an entirely differently meal. Bud tells them how and why he came to Grand Rapids while he enjoys his meal. After Bud finishes his dinner, he eats a warm slice of sweet potato pie. Bud is ecstatic and can't help but smile. For the remainder of their time at the Sweet Pea, Steady Eddie and Jimmy tell funny stories about traveling around the country with Herman Calloway. In the middle of hearing their stories, Bud mentions,

"All of a sudden I knew that of all the places in the world that I'd ever been in this was the one. That of all the people I'd ever met these were the ones. This was where I was supposed to be" (Curtis 172).

Bud is so overwhelmed with joy that he breaks down and begins to cry. Miss Thomas shows Bud compassion by gently holding him and humming to calm him down. Overall, Bud had a great experience eating his first meal at a restaurant. 

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