Describe Boxer's character and personality. How do the pigs treat Boxer?    

Expert Answers
gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Boxer is a massive horse who is the strongest, most dependable animal on the farm. After hearing about Animalism, Boxer becomes its biggest supporter and plays an important role in the Battle of Cowshed. Boxer's tireless work ethic is a major reason for the farm's success. He even wakes up early to begin working and selflessly puts the farm's best interests before his well-being. Despite his strength and usefulness, Boxer is extremely unintelligent. He cannot remember the alphabet after the letter D, and is naive to Napoleon's tyranny. His answer to every problem is "I will work harder," and Boxer believes everything that Napoleon says. The pigs take advantage of Boxer's loyalty and strength by overworking him and cutting his food rations. They view Boxer as simply a tool who they send away to die when he is no longer useful. Boxer's character is symbolic of the male working class and Russian peasants.