Describe Beneatha's mood at the beginning of Act III of A Raisin in the Sun.

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Beneatha is despondent. She is depressed. Asagai has dropped in to check on the moving and all that Beneatha can say is "He gave away the money." She is talking with Asagai.  

Walter has just learned that the 6,500 dollars that he put down for the liquor store has been stolen. Willy Harris has run away with all the money.

Beneatha has lost her will to get up and move. She doesn't appear to be furious with her brother; her mood is solemn and somber. She appears to be in shock. She cannot believe that Walter has lost all of Mama's money.  

In Act three, Scene one, Beneatha comments to Asagai that Walter trusted a man who even Travis would not have trusted:

He [Walter] made an investment! With a man even Travis wouldn't have trusted with his most worn-out marbles."

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