Describe Baldeo's courage while working at the signal post in "The Tiger in the Tunnel."

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Baldeo demonstrates the courage to continue to do his job even in the face of overwhelming conditions.

One way in which Baldeo shows courage is in his persistence in doing his job.  Baldeo works late hours at a station that is a station "in name only."  He works very hard for a job that does not carry much in the way of prestige and little compensation.  This can be seen when he has to get up in the middle of the night to carry out his duty:

"Still drowsy, Baldeo, groped for his lamp in darkness then fumbled about in search of matches. When he had produced a light he left the hut, closed the door behind him and set off along the permanent way."

It is courageous for anyone to do their job with so much diligence when there is little in the way of external reward, and Baldeo shows that.

Another instance where courage can be seen is in the moment of critical action.  Baldeo knows that the tiger is waiting for him.  Knowing this, Baldeo does not back down:

A low grunt resounded from the top of the cutting. In a second Baldeo was awake, all his senses alert. Only a tiger could emit such a sound. There was no shelter for Baldeo, but he grasped his axe firmly and tensed his body, trying to make out the direction from which the animal was approaching.

There is courage in Baldeo's willingness to directly face danger.  In understanding "there was no shelter," Baldeo confronted death.

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