Describe The Atmosphere Of The Ranch And Bunkhouse

Describe the atmosphere of the ranch and bunkhouse.

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If you are looking for physical features of the ranch, it is obvious throughout the entire reading of the text that there at least exists a home for the boss and his family, a bunkhouse for the hands, a stable which also houses the stable-buck, and fields to farm. Just outside the bunkhouse, we regularly hear the clank of horse-shoes when the guys are at play. The atmosphere around the ranch feels skeptical, people don't necessarily seem to trust each other and this is shown from the top down. It has room to be positive if you learn to fit the mold which is staying away from Curley's wife and just doing your job without complaining.

The bunkhouse always has streaks of light shining through the planks, the windows, the lampshade, or the doorway. I think this makes the room feel like glimmers of hope in a dark world. You can find these descriptions of the bunkhouse in particular in the beginnings of the 2nd and 3rd chapters. For many of these guys, they hold out hope for a better tomorrow during a really tough today during the Great Depression. We hear about Lennie and George's "hope" and other characters slowly demonstrate curiosity in that hope (Candy... even the stable buck) or have their own (Curley's wife, movies). But the truth is, this is a lonely juncture for all of these guys. No one really has someone that is a real friend except George and Lennie.

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thank you for the help :))

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