Describe the difficulty and/or ease with which Arnold transferred to his new school in The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.

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missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

DIFFICULTIES: The other kids made fun of his name. He wanted to be called Junior, and that seemed strange to them. After hearing his name read as Arnold Spirit, they thought that was funny too. Junior is ignored by the pretty girls and the jocks even though he desperately wants to be one of them. As time goes on at his new school, he feels more and more alone and loses more and more of his heritage every day.

EASE: Eventually, Junior comes to realize that he is in fact more intelligent than most of the kids at the new school and this is evidenced by who he makes a friend. Gordy is the local school nerd who accidentally stuck up for Junior and this seals the beginnings of their friendship.

purjs47 | Student

The diffulculties and hardships that Arnold faced were, the issue of him being bullied repetively, name calling, and also the fact that no one wanted to be his friend and all of the attractive girls ignored his presence. As a result of all this he wanted people to call him Junior, and wasn"t comfortable with the name Arnold that he was given at birth. Later, he then realized that he was a bright kid and met another kid like himself. The kids name was Gordy and they ended up becoming close friends because they share many of the same interests and hardships that have been endured through their years of highschool together.

tbyrd9220 | Student

The difficulties that Arnold faced at his school was getting bullied by a senior, being laughed at about his name and nickname, Being ignored by everyone as time went by at school.


The ease that eventually came was when he punched the boy in the nose, gaining respect from the popular boys. Then, when he became friends with Gordy.

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