Describe Arms and The Man as a modern play?Describe broadly please

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Arms and the Man can be described as a modern play, even though it was first produced in 1894 (and followed the Naturalistic characteristics Shaw used in writing), by looking at the themes focused upon in the play.

One theme highlighted in the play is the romanticism of love. regardless of what era you live in, romantic love is always prevalent. Many people have been charged with falling for the wrong person. This idea has traversed time.

Another theme which could be recognized as a modern theme is class discrimination. As forward thinking as ones society believes it to be, class discrimination is still prevalent. It seems that people have always, and will always, look down on those they deem below them.

Finally, the theme of idealism verses realism has been a topic upon the minds of even the greatest people for centuries. Literary and artistic movements have developed around these ideals and still bring about great conversations.

shlaroy | Student
'Arms and Man' is called a modern play. It has no modern theme but it is modern in the sense of new way of thinking. Before almost every war-play used to show the traditional though of war. War before was called a patriotic fight. War was to show love for country and a holly matter but Shaw first broke down the very traditional theme of war and spread a new thought against war. According to him war is a play of war monger and he againsts to sacrifice for country. Its is a striking feature of play to be called a modern play.