The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse

by William Saroyan
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Describe Aram's first horse ride in "The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse."

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Aram's first horse ride is an eventful one.

First, Aram is awakened by his cousin Mourad, who is seated on a beautiful white horse. After he recovers from his surprise, Aram dresses quickly and leaps down to the yard from his window.

Then, he jumps up onto the horse behind Mourad. On this first ride, Aram stays behind Mourad on the horse. The horse makes its way from Walnut Avenue (where Aram and his family live) to Olive Avenue. After riding together for a time, Aram gets down from the horse and lets Mourad ride alone.

As Aram watches, Mourad races the horse across a field towards an irrigation ditch. The horse successfully leaps over the ditch, and before long, Mourad circles back to Aram. This time, it is Aram's turn to ride alone. He leaps onto the horse and waits for it to move. Aram is so excited about the prospect of riding alone that he forgets to give the horse a signal. This is why the horse initially stands still.

Eventually, Aram kicks into the muscles of the horse, and the animal begins to run. However, there is more trouble ahead for Aram, as he has little knowledge of how he should steer a horse. Instead of running across the field to the irrigation ditch and heading back to Mourad, the horse takes off to the vineyard of Dikran Halabian. There, it leaps over seven vines, and Aram eventually falls.

Without looking back, the horse races ahead. It takes Mourad half an hour to find the horse. So, Aram's first horse ride is an eventful one; it certainly doesn't go as he initially envisions.

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In "The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse," Aram's first horse ride begins when he is woken early one morning by his cousin, Mourad, and a "beautiful white horse." Realising that Mourad did not buy the horse (because the family is too poor), Aram is initially hesitant about riding a stolen horse. But he is so keen to ride that he gets dressed, jumps down from his window and climbs up on to the horse where he sits behind his cousin.

The pair ride out to the country behind Aram's horse and Mourad sings loudly as they let the horse run for "as long it felt like running." Then Mourad decides to ride the horse alone and, in doing so, demonstrates his experience and prowess. Keen to show off, Aram then takes a turn at riding alone but his is a disaster: the horse runs down to a vineyard and begins leaping over the vines which throws Aram to the ground. The horse is then free to run off and it takes Mourad half an hour to find it.

Finally, the boys take the horse to the barn of a deserted vineyard for safekeeping while Aram is determined to learn to ride as well as his cousin. 

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