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Describe the appearance of the cell plate in the telophase cells. How would the division of the cytoplasm appear in an animal cell? 

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When the mitotic cell division reaches the telophase stage, the chromosomes are unwinding to uncondensed chromatin and the nucleoli reappear. A nuclear membrane starts to form around the sets of chromosomes which are now distantly separated from each other. The cell is now ready to undergo the process of cytokinesis where the cell splits into two daughter cells. This is accompanied by the formation of furrows or cleavage along the area of splitting. 

Cell plate does not show in animal cells. Furrows are formed instead.

In plant cells, because of the rigid cell wall, furrows cannot be formed. Instead cell plate is being formed to give way to the separating daughter cells. Cell plate is aligned at the center, dividing the daughter cell as they proceed to cytokinesis. 


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