Describe any one incident faced by Anne in the concentration camp in not more than 150 words. Also mention why you chose the particular incident.  

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Given the fact that the diary is written before Anne and her family are sent to the camps, I would have to say that her experience at Bergen- Belsen would be the incident I would sadly identify.  Anne and her sister are captured and sent to Bergen- Belsen, where they both contract typhoid.  Anne tries to face it valiantly, but once her sister died, one would have to presume that such a loss was too great to bear.  Anne dies soon after.  She is described as "as courageous, sensitive, nurturing, and selfless" in the face of overwhelming odds.  It is not as if one has many choices because the diary was a narrative of flight from the fate of the concentration camps.  In fact, the closing entry shows the eternal battle between hope and despair, redemption and condemnation, eros and thanatos.  With such an ending, there is a melancholic note struck in the reader who can only hope that Anne will find a better tomorrow and away from the ghost of yesterdays.  Her capture and death at Bergen- Belsen tell us otherwise.

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