Describe Antinoos’ plan to destroy Telemachos in "The Odyssey".This question is from the odyssey - Book IV and i need help with it!!

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cybil eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Antinoos and some of the suitors plan to ambush Telemachus as he returns from his journey to visit Nestor and Menelaus. These men will lie in wait in a narrow channel that separates Ithaca from a nearby island so that when Telemachus' ship appears they can launch a surprise attack. Because they plan to carry out this devious attack well away from the palace, they assume no one else will know what happened to Telemachus. It will probably be decided that his ship was lost at sea.  What Antinoos wasn't taking into account, of course, is that Telemachus has Athena on his side to protect him. The suitors' plan is foiled, and Telemachus arrives home safely.