Describe Annie Sullivan. What kind of a young woman was she? Cite three examples from the play to support your views.  

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Anne Sullivan is a survivor to the core. She had a sad childhood, being forced to grow up in an almshouse surrounded by illness, filth, and death, and then losing her younger brother. She is still haunted by her harsh youth; however, she has become stronger through these trials, as can be seen by her conduct in the play.

She knows Helen can have more independence in life than the Keller family thinks. Helen's mind is clear and keen, so Anne is determined to make sure she can have a chance to have a full life with her physical disabilities.

We can see Anne's determination in her lessons with Helen, who is not exactly a model of good behavior. The scene where Anne tries to get Helen to eat properly is a great example of this. Instead of giving up, she is more than Helen's match and eventually gets her to eat with a spoon.

We also see how Anne's confidence in her ability is able to withstand skepticism and even derision from others, particularly from men who already patronize her as a woman....

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