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The novel, Sister of My Heart, is a celebration of the spirit of sisterhood. It describes the solidarity that goes on to become the source of security, strength, and empowerment between two women.

The story revolves around the theme of an arranged Indian marriage. In this institution, parents choose partners for their children according to a set of social criteria and conventions. The welfare of the family supersedes individual interests. Sudha sacrifices her happiness to save her family's honor. Anju enters an arranged marriage to fall in line with her ailing mother's desire. The novel highlights the fact that the institution of an arranged marriage deprives young girls of their dreams and ambitions.

Divakurni describes the wedding day on a canvas of varied colors and hues. The ceremony reflects both the ancient traditions and the contemporary nature of Indian culture. She introduces the reader to the marriage rituals, the exotic Indian cuisine, and the importance of horoscopes. She also raises pertinent questions about the cost of the Indian wedding and the social stigma of dowry. The struggle of the widowed mothers to meet societal norms and expectations is heart-wrenching.

Anju’s idyllic vision of a man who loves Virginia Woolf collapses as she discovers that her husband secretly admires Sudha. A disillusioned Anju hopes that distance would help Sunil to overcome his infatuation for Sudha. The marriage separates the otherwise inseparable cousins physically as well as emotionally.

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