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The animals have staged an uprising and driven Mr. Jones and his wife from the farm. The Animalist revolution has triumphed, and a new farm—Animal Farm—has established to serve the interests of the animals themselves. In the first flush of their revolutionary ardor, the animals decide that the new farm requires its own flag, a symbol of the momentous changes that have just taken place.

They find what they're looking for when Snowball discovers an old green tablecloth in the harness-room. He takes the tablecloth and paints a white hoof and a horn on it. As Snowball explains, the green represents the fields of England, while the horn and the hoof signify the future Republic of the Animal, which will be established when the hated human race is finally overthrown. The flag is run up the flagpole in the farmhouse garden every Sunday morning, a visible symbol of the revolution's success and what it stands for.

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