Describe the anatomical structure of ten different organelles in the cell and discuss their respective functions. 

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Plasma membrane

It’s the outer membrane of cell that controls cellular traffic and cell signaling.

It’s a lipid bi layer


Double layered outer membrane with inner folds called cristae

Main function is Energy production

Consist of both RNA and DNA(circular DNA) and also ribosomes.

Electron transport chain takes place in the inner membrane


Protein formation

Found on the surface of rough endoplasmic reticulum

Two types 70S and 80S


Cylindrical in structure formed by microtubules.

participate in cellular division


It’s a type of plastids found in plant cells

Contain green chlorophyll which helps in photosynthesis.

Endoplasmic reticulum

Found fused to nuclear membrane

Serves as cell's transport system

Two types SER and RER.

Smoth Endoplasmic reticulum lack ribosome

In rough endoplasmic reticulum ribosomes are found on the surface.

Golgi apparatus

A membrane structure found near nucleus

carry out the processing of proteins generated in endoplasmic reticulum


Sac like structure for storage, digestion, and waste removal
Contractile vacuoles for water removal..


Surrounded by double layer nuclear membrane with nuclear pores.

Consist of DNA in nucleoplasm which help in RNA synthesis

RNA is moved out into the cytoplasm for protein synthesis


Helps in breakdown of waste material with the help of lysozyme and hydrolase enzyme.


Composed of protein and nucleic acid.

Found in the nucleus of the cell

Transfer RNA  is the main function.