Describe and analyze 1.) Janie’s relationship with Logan Killicks, and 2.) Janie’s relationship with Joe Starks. How do these relationships shape Janie's character in Their Eyes Were Watching God?

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In Their Eyes Were Watching God, Janie marries three times, and her relationship with each husband contributes to her character development toward becoming an independent, confident woman. Logan and Joe are Janie's first two husbands, and both marriages are unsatisfying, but for different reasons.

Janie is basically "married off" to Logan by her grandmother Nanny. Once Nanny realizes that Janie is becoming sexually mature, she decides she must find a stable, secure marriage for her. This need is a result of Nanny's earlier life as a slave and her daughter's (Janie's mother's) instability and eventual abandonment of Janie. Logan Killicks is an older man who owns some land and farms it. Janie is disappointed because this will not be a romantic relationship, but Nanny tries to tell her that love is less important than financial security. Once she and Logan marry, no romance blossoms, as Janie had hoped it might; instead, Logan treats her like a helpmate and only cares about her work on the...

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