Describe an introduced species that can exploit a new niche free of predators and competitors/

cgrant2 | Student

An introduced species can only live in new niche if they are considered "fit" for their environment or they have an advantage over the other organisms in that niche. An example of this is an invasive plant species. For example, there is an invasive species of called Cogongrass that repressing the native species in several states in the US. Cogongrass originated in Asian and arrive in the U.S. as seeds. This plant serves no nutritional value to the natural fauna meaning that they have no natural predator. Without a comsumers, the cogongrass grow rapidly and its growth is uninhibitied. This plant also escalates wildfires. Species naturally need competitor and predators to regulate the amounts of species in that environment. However, the population can not go past its carrying point because the environment can only sustain so much of one species.