Describe an experience that you've either once witnessed or was a victim of a time that relates to how "it is difficult not to conform to a dominant reality."

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

"Victim" seems like a strong word, but here are a couple incidents from my life.

First, when my now-wife and I were going out in our teens, her grandfather did not like the fact that she was going out with a non-white person.  He said that people like me only go out with people like her because we want white women as "status symbols."

Second, an acquaintance of mine kept her maiden name when she married.  She and her husband once were at a polling place while I was there too.  Some elderly ladies were keeping the polls and they were loudly discussing the fact that my friend and the man she was with had different last names but the same address.  My friend was really angry.

Both of these show that when you go outside of cultural norms, people will think it is strange and are apt to do things that will hurt you if you don't have a thick skin.