The Kite Runner Questions and Answers
by Khaled Hosseini

The Kite Runner book cover
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Describe Amir's moral character in The Kite Runner. What does he believe about right and wrong? What does he stand for? What events/actions suggest this? What are the results of his actions? Who else is affected by his actions?

Amir is morally ambiguous in The Kite Runner and is portrayed as a conflicted individual who knows right from wrong but struggles to uphold his morals. Amir's refusal to acknowledge that Hassan is his friend and decision to not defend Hassan from Assef depicts his flawed character. Amir's actions negatively influence his relationship with Hassan as well as Baba's friendship with Ali. Fortunately, Amir atones for his past sins by saving Sohrab's life.

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Amir is portrayed as a morally ambiguous individual who recognizes the difference between right and wrong but is too selfish and insecure to uphold his morals. As an adolescent, Amir resents the fact that Baba admires Hassan and desperately desires to earn his father's respect. Amir's own insecurities and fears prevent him from publicly acknowledging Hassan as his friend or intervening while Assef rapes Hassan. Amir also demonstrates his immorality by falsely accusing...

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