Assess the effects that the Second Great Awakening had on religious worship in America.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One effect of the Second Great Awakening on religion in America was to offer a more forgiving and tolerant vision of spiritual identity.  The Second Great Awakening found many followers in its idea that individual actions could determine salvation.  This is in stark contrast to the First Great Awakening, which essentially shamed followers into believing they were condemned to be sinful creatures that needed to be spared God's wrath.  The Second Great Awakening's impact on religious worship was to increase it because of the idea that individual actions could result in redemption.  The theology of free will helped to enhance religious worship in multiple denominations of Christian faith as well as broadening its reach to more people across the nation. The revival was another such example of where groups of people could actively seek out a tolerant and accepting notion of spiritual identity.  The promise and possibility of spiritual redemption became a reality in the Second Great Awakening.  This greatly impacted the rise in religious worship in America.  

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